Hospital tent

Hospital tent

FASTUP professional relief tents widely purposed for very emergency periods such as corona virus, military, natural disasters etc. Using high reinforced aluminum alloy, the frame material is very strong and anti-rust, and can be easily assembled and disassembled according to the requirements. In addition, Safety of the rescue site could be greatly improved by our relief tents which made of flame retardant materials (block-out PVC coated fabric). Sizes from clear span 3m-60m are available which are not only easily transported but also for large accommodations.

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Dimension Available

Fastup Tent Item No. Width (m) Truss-Distance (m) Leg
height (m)
Ridge height (m) Truss profile size(mm) Roof Pitch Wind Load (km/h) Snow Load (Kn/m2)
CP3-20/4000 20m 5m 4m/5m/6m 7.31m/8.31m/9.31m 200X110mm 18° 100 0.3
AP3-20/4000 20m 5m 3.4m/4m/5.4m 6.49m/7.09m/8.49m 200X120mm 18° 120 0.3
CP3-25/4000 25m 5m 4m/5m/6m 8.12m/9.12m/10.12m 200X110mm 18° 120 0.3
Ap3-25/4000 25m 5m 3.4m/4m/5.4m 7.27m/7.87m/9.27m 200X120mm 18° 120 0.3
CP2-30/4000 30m 5m 4m/5m/6m 9m/10m/11m 250X110mm 18° 120 0.3
AP2-30/4000 30m 5m 3.4m/4m/5.4m 8.27m8.87m/10.27m 250X120mm 18° 120 0.3
AP1-40/4000 40m 5m 3.4m/4m/5.4m 9.94m/10.54m/11.94m 300X120mm 18° 120 0.3

Material and Quality

FRAME Galvanized steel tube with plastic dipping
ROOF COVER 850gsm PVC coated fabric / 0.8mm, Fire Retardant, UV
CONNECTION Hot Dip Galvanized Steel

Structure Details

Optional Accessories





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