Curved tent

Curved tent

 Curve tent is a new creative design base on standard A frame clear span tent. Width dimension varies from 10m to 40m; length can be any times of continuous 5m bay sections. The roof beam is curved shape which makes the tent stronger for snow load and rain load on roof cover, and as strong as to withstand 120 KM/h wind speed and 0.4KN/M2 snow loading. Fastup Curve tent is very easy and convenient to assemble, dismantle, and move to different place. Therefore, besides for permanent building likes big exhibiton hall tent, hotel tent, tennis court tent, swimming pool tent, Curved tent can also use for renting business as curve event tent, curve party tent, curve wedding tent ect.  
Accessories available for curve tent: lining & curtain, Cassette wooden flooring system, ground anchor.

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Dimension Available

Fastup Tent Item No. Width (m) Bay Distance (m) Side height (m) Ridge height (m) Main frame profile(mm) Wind Load (km/h) Snow Load (Kn/m2)
CRV10/3000 10m 5m 3m 5m 122X68mm 100 0.3
CRV12/3000 12m 5m 3m 5.4m 122X68mm 100 0.3
CRV15/3000 15m 5m 3m 5.35m 166X88mm 100 0.3
CRVT20/4000 20m 5m 4m 8.66m 204X112mm 100 0.4
CRVT25/4000 25m 5m 4m 9.8m 250X111mm 100 0.4
CRVT30/4000 30m 5m 4m 11m 256X113mm 100 0.4
CRVT40/4000 40m 5m 4m 13.3m 300X125mm 100 0.4

Material and Quality

FRAME Hard pressed anodized aluminum alloy 6061/T6
ROOF COVER 850g/sqm block-out Double PVC coated polyester, Fire retardant, Water Proof
SIDE WALL 650g/sqm or 850g/sqm PVC; Glass Pannel sidewall, ABS sidewall, Sandwich Wall
CONNECTION Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Connector, Aluminum roof connection

Structure Details

Optional Accessories





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